2017 Ford Everest Front View

2017 Ford Everest Perfect family Hauler in an Affordable Budget

A quality SUV for the big boys is now coming to town as a refreshed 2017 Ford Everest. This model has certainly lived up to its moniker as it is an award-winning SUV. The main objective behind this Everest is to cater audiences who opt for spacious cabin and powerful performance and that too in affordable pricing.

2017 Ford Everest Side View

Engine and Performance Specs

Under the hood of 2017 Ford Everest sits a 3.2-liter 5-cylinder which pairs up with a 6-speed automatic transmission to deliver 143 kW (191 HP) and 470 Nm (346 lb-ft) of torque. Moreover, this engine is also rated to tow around 3,000 kg (6,613 lbs.).

Apart from the all-wheel drive, a rear-wheel drive is an entirely new addition. Although this 2017 Everest’s fuel economy is not on par with other similar vehicles, it is still feasible considering its price. The numbers stay close to 18 mpg in city, 21 mpg on highways and 19 mpg on a combined scale.

This new Ford Everest has shed substantial weight for making improvements in performance. Ford has gone overboard and gotten rid of the robust 4WD transfer case, prop shafts, front drive shafts and front differential. Instead, there are new engine mounts, front hubs and a new primary drive shaft that are designed to keep the vehicle’s overall weight in check.

2017 Ford Everest Front View

Cosmetic Changes in the Exterior

The exterior profile of Ford Everest 2017 is a based of a common theme – robust outlook with modern design cues. Needless to say, Ford vehicles have one of the best design languages around.

This SUV’s front fascia puts out a bold statement as the grille boasts of beefy chrome slats. The headlights are robust too as they come adjacent to the front fenders. Down below, the front bumper integrates a rugged skid plate which cast housing to fog lights.

Ford has even revised overall ground clearance to 255 mm. The redesign consists of cast aluminum alloy wheels that integrate all-season tires. Like the front, there’s a robust skid plate in the rear bumper too.

2017 Ford Everest Rear View 2

2017 Ford Everest Interior

The interior cabin of 2017 Everest flaunts tasteful design cues. The driver’s gauge cluster is now updated with bi-spoke needles and is fully LED lit. Similarly, new rotary controls in the center console have replaced the old chubby push-buttons.

The dash boasts of premium upholstery with contrast stitching. The seats share this contrast thread stitching as well. There’s an upgraded Ford SYNC infotainment system on the central cabin and two vertical AC vent sit astride to it.

Upgrades to Safety Features

Vehicle safety and security have become a thing of concern these days. Ford has updated the safety features which make it safer than before. Some of these standard safety features in Ford Everest 2017 include Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control. Also, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Rear Park Assist and Forward Collision Alert.

2017 Ford Everest Interior

Price and Competitors

The 2017 Ford Everest price starts of $55,000 (for RWD) and 4×4 models cost $5,000 more. As to competition, 2017 Mazda CX-9 GT and 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC stand as big time rivals.

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