2017 Honda Element Front View

2017 Honda Element is Coming Back on Track with Cosmetic Updates

Although Honda Element is something out of the box from the Japanese automakers, it has not seen the success that it deserves. This model’s last update in 2011 didn’t make it enough to interest buyers as the compact crossover segment is becoming increasingly competitive. Fortunately, the Japs are not giving up on this underdog as a 2017 Honda Element is said to be in plans.

Reports are that this new Honda Element is coming up as one of the most practical crossover. Tipsters also suggest that the new model will wear heavy cosmetic upgrades. Like its predecessor, 2017 Element might come in two iterations (trims); LX and EX.

2017 Honda Element Side View

Speculations on Engine Specifications

Although the company hasn’t come up with any official declarations, this new Honda Element 2017 is expected to use a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine that is capable of making 201 HP and 245 lb-ft of torque. The chances are great that this engine will be the sole option and there will be no other engine.

A 6-speed automatic transmission system is supposed to come standard and coupled with a front-wheel drive. Given the power outputs, fuel economy of this 2017 Element should stay close to 21 mpg city/ 24 mpg highway and 22 mpg combined. This efficiency improvement should just about sum up to 3 or 4% boost as compared to current or rather previous models.


One thing’s for sure; this new 2017 Honda Element is going to look far better than its predecessor. Major cosmetic changes would include a pronounced front fascia and aerodynamic side body.

According to rendered images, the front fascia incorporates beveled edges. The headlights are deeply recessed and the grille is still minimal with a compact shape. What’s dramatically changed is the lower front fascia as the front bumper and fog light housing are fully plastic.

These rendered images even show an upright windshield which causes the front and rear doors to appear oblong. Pretty much similar to the rest of the body, this model’s rear fascia is upright as well. In other words, Honda might retain the boxy stance of this model. As part of a new generation change, new 17-inch cast alloy wheels might come as standard.

2017 Honda Element Front View

2017 Honda Element Interior

As per the speculations, this new Honda Element 2017 is supposed to come with a technologically advanced interior cabin. There are good chances that this cabin might offer dual or even tri-auto climate control along with an updated infotainment system.

The front seats are coming with 10-12 way power adjustment while the rear seats might incorporate 60/40 split function. The instrument cluster is also to undergo revisions for being more driver-centric. Comprehensive detailing will be done on the dashboard for a sophisticated styling.

2017 Honda Element Interior

Competitors, Price and Release Date

As competition is inevitable in this segment, the new Honda Element will compete against the likes of Honda CR-V and Acura NSX. Honda is going to set a fair price point for this new Element and it might cost more than $18,000. Dealerships could get this new 2017 Honda Element by the end of this year.        

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