2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara

2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara Price

Although it is in the same form since 2005 at the market , Suzuki still has no plans to offer a worthy replacement for the Grand Vitara SUV. According to company, as part of their bid Suzuki Grand Vitara is the only true 4×4 and SUV medium segment. Redesign and many new, this model is expected, perhaps in 2018 year. As for the 2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara, the vehicle has not changed compared to previous instances of this generation.

After Suzuki has introduced a new generation of compact crossover 2017 Suzuki Vitara, many thought that the redesign of a larger model designed, right there around the corner. However, big changes are a little more postponed. Suzuki maximally exploit its biggest SUV model on offer. A slight decline in sales has come, and very soon after the launch of a compact Vitara SUV.

2017 Grand Vitara Design

Without any change of platform and design embellishment, 2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara is 4.5 m long SUV. 1.81 m wide and 1.68 m tall, with a spacious cabin. Vehicle has place for five passengers and space for just as much luggage. The new Vitara is smaller. The wheelbase is smaller and more compact in the new Vitara crossover. 2017 Grand Vitara still possesses 2.64 m wheelbase.

2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Regardless of all the innovations that Suzuki offered in the new 2017 Grand Vitara SUV, it still offers off-road capability, and a certain dose raggedness.

This model is not exactly forgotten design venture from the 2005. It should be taken into account facelift from 2014, when the Grand Vitara last cosmetically enhanced. In a way, Suzuki iV-4 concept and the new Vitara compact crossover will provide a good basis for the redesign of the 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara. Design solutions and new technologies of the new Grand Vitara SUV should be at the global level. This is another reason why no hurry with these changes.

2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara Specs

Not changed in terms of exterior design, 2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara does not much new under the hood. Grand Vitara SUV 2017 is still equipped with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder unit that produces 166 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque. We offer a model with rear wheels, and with drive to all four wheels, as an option. With the new engine, in some announcements can find information about possible new drives. For now it is all to the announcement of the new  Suzuki Grand Vitara 2018 SUV, which will appear on the market no earlier than 2018.

Off-road type consumers can choose between the 2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara Navigator at a price of $ 27,990. The Sport model, whose price reaches $ 31,990. How will the new model, after the redesign, to be more expensive still not known.

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