2017 Suzuki Jimny

2017 Suzuki Jimny Specs and Price

Scottish farmers and real Australian fans Jimny model, do not want any changes to it. Yet the company has announced the arrival of the completely redesigned, the new model to the end of 2018 MY. 2017 Suzuki Jimny is somewhat same as all models in the last 18 years. This fact shows how changes are necessary, but also meaningful. Until the moment when the 2018 Jimny be presented in a new light, Suzuki has decided to offer SE models.

2017 Suzuki Jimny Design

Suzuki Jimny Street, and Suzuki Jimny Adventure are a special edition of this rare mini SUV model. Little spirit and new design moments are visible on these two models. 2017 Suzuki Jimny Street model is available in Italy. At a price of 19,900 euros, Jimny offers embellished the interior, seats upholstered with eco-leather, infotainment system, Bluetooth and navigation. Adventure model is offered in the UK market, unlike the orange ” Italian ” representative this mini SUV is offered on the Quasar Grey Metallic with Pearl White color. Based on SZ4 trim level, this Special Edition Jimny is available at a price of 14,949 pounds.

Suzuki Jimny new generation

The biggest problem, the company Suzuki has on the markets where it introduced strict measures concerning vehicle safety and passenger in them. An example is the Australian market. To equip every Suzuki Jimny model with side airbags, Suzuki company needs to shift production process. For this reason, it is expected the imminent redesign of this model, which despite all continue to maintain a constant number of units sold per year.

Suzuki Jimny Next Generation

To meet all the requirements of today’s automotive industry, Suzuki will have to adapt a new generation Jimny SUV to them. Under the hood is still 1.3 L petrol engine, which offers 85 hp. However, this model can have on the rear drive wheels. The offer is expected to model and drive to all four wheels.

2017 Tokyo Motor Show is a place where we could await the presentation of the Suzuki Jimny next generation mini SUV. The changes will definitely come, they are inevitable. For now it’s just not having side curtain airbags caused minimal selling 2017 Suzuki Jimny. The new conditions will eventually be installed, and Jimny will go into oblivion, if it is not accompanied by new automotive standard.

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