2017 Toyota Prado Price and Specs

2017 Toyota Prado Price and Specs

2017 Toyota Prado or as the full name of the vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is on sale. This is the fifth generation model, which is part of the full-size SUV category. This impressive SUV with off-road heritage for generations offers performance at a high level.

2017 Toyota Prado Front View

2017 Toyota Prado Design

2017 Toyota Prado SUV is equipped with all the equipment to meet needs of modern life. The outside of the new Prado 2017 model is still recognizable looks. It is characterized by distinctive grille. The vehicle is placed on the 17-inch wheels. It is intended as both driving around town, and driving in off-road conditions. Regardless of the premium elements that adorn this SUV, And often put it among the luxury cars on it prevails sporty design. New Prado has a sporty rear spoiler and side steps. The version that has been available in the meantime, a number of design elements taken from the luxury Prado Kakadu model. Although the Prado Kakadu recognizable by the absence of extra diameter, 2017 Prado SUV rear door has a spare wheel with logo.

Rugged exterior is the exact opposite of the interior of this SUV. The vehicle has seven seats, arranged in three rows. And besides comfortable interiors intended for passengers, room for luggage transport is also equally large. A leather-trimmed steering wheel, wood inserts, and premium materials indicate the shadow of luxury and elegance.

2017 Toyota Prado Interior

SUV which is expected maximum readiness for all terrains and in all times, is equipped with engine which allows it. More specifically we offer two drive units. The engine of base model is the 2.7-liter unit with 160 hp.  The engine is combined with four-speed automatic transmission. The second engine is only available as an option is a 4.0-liter VVT-i petrol V6 which has an impressive 271 hp. This power unit is only available or combined with 5-speed automatic transmission.

Price of Toyota Prado 2017

2017 Toyota Prado is available in two variants. Model three-door has a label GXR, a five-door model EXR. The basic model is priced at $ 33,900. The multiple airbags for protection, and range of active safety features are fitted as standard equipment in 2017 Prado SUV. These include traction control, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), rear parking sensors, rear view camera. The top of the five-door range (VXR) includes rear seat entertainment and floor illumination.

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