2018 Ford Endura as Replacement for 2018 Ford Territory

2018 Ford Endura as Replacement for 2018 Ford Territory

2018 Ford Endura is a model that will soon replace the current Ford Territory SUV. There are several reasons why the Territory in 2018, will not go on sale in the current edition with more familiar name. As part of Ford’s model lineup in the Australian market, Territory SUV was produced from 2004 to 2016. Now, because of spaciousness, the new design, and relations with China, Australia, decided that there is any change.

2018 Ford Endura SUV Specs and Design

The new Territory, or the 2018 Ford Endura is generated based on the Edge model. Edge model, which is available on the Chinese market differs from the Edge SUV that is offered on the US market. It is known that the Edge is available only with the configuration of five seats. Out back a lot of complicated reasons, the automotive industry, in Australia, this SUV will not use the name Edge. It starts with “E” just like the EcoSport, Escape, and Everest.

2018 Ford Endura SUV

Replacement for 2018 Territory SUV, and new Edge SUV for Australia is 70 mm longer than the U.S.- and European-spec Edge which is 4778 mm long. So, its length is 4848 mm. It will not be sourced from China. New seven-seat will be procured from the Oakville Assembly Complex in Ontario, Canada.

2018 Endura SUV Price

2018 Ford Endura will be offered in four trim levels Trend, Sport, Titanium, and Titanium Plus. Through all the range, new Endura SUV will have seven seats and all-wheel drive. The price of the new Territory SUV will range from $ 49,990, how much will be the base model to $ 75,000, but much will be the price of top quality.

The only engine offered is a 2.0 L diesel engine with four cylinders. The engine is combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission. Equipped with this engine the new Ford Endura 2018 has a 2000 kg braked towing capacity.

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