2018 Genesis GV80

2018 Genesis GV80 New Luxury SUV

Genesis brand is all made it clear that no matter how had a diverse range of vehicles on the market, if you do not own a SUV, you will not survive long. Genesis G80, and G90 models are sure to meet the expectations of the company and customers. However most sought after vehicles on the market are still SUVs. This is the first and foremost reason for presenting the 2018 Genesis GV80 ┬áConcept at the New York Auto Show 2017. After excellent reviews, this car will apparently soon be in production, including the sale of just without the the ‘concept’ in its name.

2018 Genesis GV80

Genesis is a stand-alone luxury brand, which was first announced its sedan models, more or less based on the Hyundai Genesis sedan. Genesis brand has announced that by 2020, its offer will have six models. Four sedans and two SUVs. One mid-size luxury SUV and an entry level model. This concept incorporates nomenclature GV, which means two things. ‘G’, as the Genesis brand, and ‘V’ as the extra versatility of an SUV. Although this is a larger model than the expected two, however, had brought with label number 80.

2018 Genesis GV80 SUV Design

In contrast to the trendy SUV coupe models, 2018 Genesis GV80 provides much more space. As to the vehicle design, it is closely associated with the Bentley Bentayga model. The reason for the great similarity of the two models lies in the chief designer Luc Donckerwolke. This man was responsible for the final design of Bentley’s first SUV model. Now it’s their skills passed on the concept of Genesis brand.

2018 Genesis SUV rear view

In addition to functionality, and a definite possibility to be used as a family hauler, this 2018 GV80 SUV will most likely be modified in series production. It is expected that the model with the normal side-view mirrors, a third row, and other family-friendly features.

2018 GV80 Interior

Genesis offers luxury brand models, primarily. Inner Genesis GV80 concept might be too luxurious for serial production. Many will not agree with me, but in this case it is. Leather upholstery, chrome accents and interior is comparable to the four compared to 22-inches wide organic LED split between driver and passenger. Display is set at the top of the dash. It’s joined by a second screen, and forms the main instrument cluster.

Genesis GV80 interior

Soon it is expected to have more information about the plans in connection with the 2018 Genesis SUV. The least that is expected is a confirmation about the release of this model into production. Anything more than that is a bonus, especially the general specification.

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