Jeep Yuntu Concept

2018 Jeep Commander Old Name for All-New Model

At the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show, Jeep has demonstrated very attractive concept. It’s a Jeep Yuntu Concept. Serial version of the vehicle moving with sales already in early 2018. According to current knowledge, this model will be sold in the market of China. Later, if sales expand to other markets. 2018 Jeep Commander is the name of the module version, which will be sold on the UK market. This information is not confirmed officially. However, if this information come true, a popular franchise back to life.

Whether the new model will carry the title of Commander, or any other name, this model makes its way into series production. For starters, the production takes place in the Guangzhou-Fiat factory. Of course, at this location, the products, the Chinese version of the model. If we remember the popularity of which had previous Jeep Commander, the return of this title would be a hit. Well, let’s wait and we will see how things will unfold. For now, the most important thing is that Jeep Yuntu Concept comes into production, and will be offered in all world markets.

Jeep Yuntu Concept

Old Jeep Commander

Jeep’s mid-size SUV, called the Commander, had been produced during the last decade (2005-2010 years). Its production took place in the Jeep division of the American manufacturer Chrysler. It was first shown at the 2005 New York Auto Show. Immediately after the sale has started. Commander is based on the Grand Cherokee model, a great resemblance he had with Grand Wagoneer SUV.

At the American continent, the former Commander has offered a gasoline engine and carried the XK tag. The version that was exported to other markets (primarily the European market), owned diesel power unit. This version was labeled XX. The old Jeep Commander is produced in two versions, with 5 and 7 seats. The last model, which came out of the production line, was the 2010 MY. Instead, Chrysler offered the Dodge Durango SUV model. Like its predecessor, Jeep Commander, and the new Durango is based on the Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Yuntu Concept Hybrid Powered SUV

Chinese auto market, all the more open to the hybrid models and electric vehicles. All in all, green cars are welcome to this market. It is therefore not surprising that Jeep has decided to introduce the concept of Yuntu on Chinese soil. In fact, this concept is a Plug-In Hybrid SUV.

The specification of the hybrid drive system is not published. However, it is assumed that the serial model to get similar or the same hybrid system as is the case with Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid model.

2018 Jeep Commander concept

2018 Jeep Commander Design

The future production model will be very similar to the concept of Yuntu. Presented concept is characterized by interesting design details. There are alloy wheels large size, panoramic glass roof, LED headlights, A-pillars in black, etc. The concept has the so-called ‘suicide’ rear doors. Serial Jeep Commander 2018 is expected with classic rear door.

The interior exudes luxury and a big dose of futuristic details. The concept is equipped with high achievements and quality materials. In the foreground is a digital instrument panel, high-tech infotainment system, a large number of aluminum decorations, LED ambient lighting, etc.



Yuntu Concept is presented in the Plug-In Hybrid edition. However, serial Commander will offer a petrol or diesel generators. I still will not know how to look range of engines for the 2018 Jeep Commander. Nonetheless, it is known that the Jeep has something to offer. First of all, these are extraordinary engine that drives the current Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV. These are extremely powerful, efficient and economical engines. At least from this perspective, everything is clear.

Above all, there is the proven 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine with 295 horsepower. For the sportier version of the model, we should expect the powerful 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine with 360 horsepower. To some of the market is expected to 2018 Jeep Commander Diesel version. It is logical to expect that this version receives extremely reliable and economical 3.0-liter V6 engine EcoDiesel with 237 horsepower and 410 lb.-ft. of torque.

There will be a hybrid version of the model, just as is the case with the concept. If the 2018 Jeep Commander Hybrid gets the same powertrain as the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, one can expect a solid success. Pacifica has a Hybrid powertrain that enables 566 miles total driving range, 84 mpg using gas and electricity, and 33 miles of electric driving range.

Jeep Commander Vs Grand Cherokee Vs Dodge Durango

Some would say that these three models, in fact, are the same vehicle. Is it like that? The truth is that Dodge Durango inherited the Jeep Commander on the market. It’s true that the Commander was based on the Grand Cherokee. Also, it is true that the new generation of Durango SUV will be based on the new generation of Grand Cherokee (2019). If we look at things this way, this is actually the same vehicle with three different names.

However, fans of the Jeep brand will not agree with such a statement. We will not. Each of these models has its own soul. Each of these three models is a story for itself. The truth is, they have a lot of things in common, but it’s true that these are three completely different vehicles. If the Yuntu Concept calls in the form of a new Jeep Commander model, it will be shown. In the meantime, let’s wait for a new generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee models, which will show us which way the development of new Jeep models is going.

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