2018 KIA Niro

2018 KIA Niro the Hybrid Crossover With the Refreshingly Surprising Performance

Fuel economy is becoming a crucial factor in consumers’ decision making irrespective of segment (barring probably the luxury car segment). Kia Motor, South Korean automobile giant has made an effort to eradicate this problem altogether. 2018 KIA Niro is a hybrid with an electrified drivetrain. Niro promises perky drive with a commendable fuel economy and smoother performance than that offered by traditional hybrids.

2018 KIA Niro

Engine performance and transmission

A 1.6 liter, 4 cylinder Atkinson cylinder powers the Niro. It offers a 104 HP power output and a torque of 108.5 lb-ft. It will be coupled with a twin clutch 6-speed transmission system and an electric motor of 43 HP power capacity. The combination draws out an output of approximately 139 HP and a torque of 195 lb-ft overall.

KIA Niro Price and Mileage

KIA Niro 2018 will have a steep price. The base model of Niro L will be priced at around $24,995. SX version will have an even steeper price. At this range, Toyota’s Prius V, Ford’s C-Max Hybrid will be its prime competitors. As for its EPA figures: base model offers 100 km per 4.5 liters in city and 100 km per 4.8 liters on the highway. SX model offers 100 km per 5.1 liters in city and 100 km per 5.8 liters on the highway

2018 KIA Niro Design

The spoiler mounted on rear roof and the head lamps are quite similar to the Kia Rondo. The visage seems edgier, though. There are a 2700 mm wheelbase and a tall roofline. Leg room offered is more than sufficient. Since the roofline is tall, there is ample headroom for even tall drivers. Trunk space is plentiful as well.

The space offered is 1789 liters when the seats are dropped and 635 liters when the seats are upright. Li-ion polymer based battery is housed below the rear seats and does not take any additional space.

Interiors look premium and classy and provide the feel of a more expensive automobile. The dashboard is simple and elegant. The infotainment’s left side displays battery’s charge status, fuel level meter and distance the battery and fuel will last. Trim versions of 2018 KIA Niro SX will come equipped with front seats wrapped in genuine leather.

2018 KIA Niro interior

The electronic equipment includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Both devices are accessed via an 8-inch touch screen. Others include GPS navigation, an in-built music storage facility up to 8 GB. Safety features such as the automatic emergency brakes system, adaptive cruise control, a warning system for lane departure with lane change assistance, blind spot monitoring system with a rear cross traffic alert, etc.

Overall Performance

Twin clutch transmission’s switching speed is quite impressive. Eco mode and Sport mode are two drive modes offered. Eco Driver Assist System is an all new addition to 2018 KIA Niro. It features Predictive Energy Control and Coasting Guide. The former uses the navigation system to detect topographical alterations on street and latter boosts fuel economy by predicting the best times to brake and coast.

Is it worth its salt?

This crossover is high on features and low on fuel consumption. Besides the steep price, the 2018 Niro hybrid has minimal drawbacks.

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