2018 Lincoln Aviator

2018 Lincoln Aviator Rises From its Ashes as Phoenix

The shortest lived vehicle in the history of Lincoln, is Aviator model. It is set to make a surprising comeback as 2018 Lincoln Aviator, as Ford’s top minds feel this vehicle has some dues to fulfil. Introduced in 2003, Lincoln Aviator, a mid-sized SUV, was seen as an amalgamation of Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer. However, due to people not completely buying into the design, production had to be discontinued in 2005. In fact, the Lincoln MKX was started and intended to be the Aviator, but that did not happen as well. Now the SUV is being readied to rise like a phoenix from its ashes as it takes on cars like Cadillac Escalade and Nissan Patrol.

Engine specifications of 2018 Lincoln Aviator

The revived Lincoln Aviator 2018 will have under its hood a 2.3 L 4-cylinder unit powered by Ford’s very own EcoBoost. That should have good power, say to the tune of 360 hp. Other reports claim that there is a possibility of the Lincoln Aviator 2018 housing a 3.5 L EcoBoost V8 or even a 3.5 L Ti-VCT.

Regardless, it is set to come with a 6-speed automatic transmission and will be quite fuel efficient – 22 mpg inside cities and 28 mpg on freeways. Acceleration may not be too much at 0 to 60 mph in about 8 seconds, while a top speed of 130 mph is in the offering.

new Lincoln Aviator 2018


The 2018 Lincoln Aviator will draw a lot of inspiration from Lincoln Navigator. A chrome grille, something that is a Lincoln signature, is set to feature on the front, while headlights are set to be power LED. The wheelbase will be wider from its past versions and also from the Navigator in all probability.  This Lincoln Aviator 2018 obviously will have a much sleeker and modern appearance considering that its last model was produced way back in 2006. Bigger bumpers will also be a new addition.


Again, the Navigator will be the principal inspiration for the 2018 Lincoln Aviator even for the interior redesign. However, there will be enough tweaks to suggest its own unique identity. Some exciting features like a new infotainment system, smartphone integration amenities and intensive climate control will be on offer.

Seats are supposed to be power adjustable in 30 ways. Leather covers are standard for the luxury SUV segment in most brands and it will be no different in this case. With enhanced dimensions, more leg room and head space will be a comfortable characteristic.

Expected arrival and probable price

Since a lot of thought has gone into the decision of reviving a vehicle that did not do well the last time, Lincoln will take time before they release the SUV, probably late 2018. Price is something that will decide the fate of sales this time, and it seems Lincoln is ready for some aggressive competitive pricing. Expect the 2018 Lincoln Aviator to be available at a base price of $35,000 while higher down the range the price can reach up to $50,000.

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