2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell

2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell Release Date

Three decades ago, Mercedes-Benz is working and developing fuel cell technology. After countless tests and experiments, this year, one model with this kind of drive will be introduced in serial production. It’s the 2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell. It will be premiered in Frankfurt this year. The concept was seen in June 2016. And, according to the head of the company, everything that was necessary to improve or change was done.

2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell

Technical details of the vehicle will be announced on September 12, when this model will debut. As a complete serial product, and improved in relation to the concept, the 2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell will first be offered to the markets of Germany, Japan and the United States. Something will be found later on the UK market.


2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell Specs

2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell launches a 9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and two carbon-fiber hydrogen tanks. Filling these two tanks takes about three minutes. When moving only on electricity, the vehicle can pass about 30 miles (50 km). Otherwise the total autonomy is about 300 miles of range (500 km). Mercedes planned to offer the first fuel cell car on the market as early as 2014. A vehicle with this B-Class minivan segment was presented in 2009.

2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell

This production-ready hydrogen fuel cell car is based on the Mercedes GLC SUV. 2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell model is a zero-emission SUV that will also have a new mark. The vehicle will carry the EQ Power label.

More information about the new Merecedes F-Cell SUV does not exist. However, this is not the only model Mercedes-Benz has to present in Frankfurt. In addition to him there is a code-named Project One hypercar. This is a new model from the AMG segment. Then one compact electric car will be introduced from the new EQ sub-brand. Mercedes also plans to offer self-driving Smart concept markets. And that’s not all. The Mercedes S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet will be on the Mercedes stand. And of course, there is also a Mercedes X-Class pickup truck.

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