2018 Mitsubishi Pajero

2018 Mitsubishi Pajero New Hunk in the SUV Segment

Mitsubishi Pajero was first launched in 1982 and since then it has come a long way to become what it is now. The outgoing model of Pajero lacked in fuel economy and caused a higher level of emission. Thus to addressing these drawbacks, the automaker is about to launch its 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero recently.

This car, since the beginning, is known as one of the best off-road cars providing a lot of comfort to the passenger irrespective of the terrain. Let’s now this outstanding SUV from the Mitsubishi and know how this vehicle excels itself from its previous edition.

2018 Mitsubishi Pajero

2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Specification

Addressing the drawbacks of the previous model, a whole new upgrade was due for a long time for Mitsubishi Pajero.  It is speculated that 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero is going to be based on Mitsubishi’s Minica platform. There will be an upgraded navigation system in Mitsubishi Pajero 2018 model. This will have both AWD and RWD for easy off-road.  Furthermore this new car is all set to turn a lot of heads owing to its vivid colors like deep blue, pure black, iceberg silver and many more coupled with a muscular look and explicit features.

Powertrain and Performance

A 3.0 L V6 GC-PHEV engine
An MIVEC V6 engine
A hybrid engine
These are 3 engine options for the coming Mitsubishi Pajero.  1st one will produce 335 HP along with 300 lb-ft of torque.  The 2nd one will churn out 302 HP and 336 lb-ft of torque. Being one of the best off-road SUV, 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero will provide fuel economy of 19 mpg on highways and 22 mpg while cruising on the highway.  In recent days news is coming that the upcoming model will have a new hybrid engine. This can run on both diesel and battery. Automatic and manual gear option will be available depending upon the market in which it is selling.

Change In Interior and Exterior

In addition to this, spy shots have given these following details about this upcoming car. There will be LED headlights. Front and rear bumper will become much broader and would have chrome garnishing.  Side skirt will be modified to give it aggressive look. On the interior side, premium leather wheel steering wheel has been observed.  It is expected that a 9” infotainment system will be installed in this car

Well, people who want a bang for their buck and would love to put some thrill in their off road experience this Mitsubishi Pajero 2018 is going to be the best option for them.

rear view MItsubishi Pajero 2018 concept

Release Date and Price

Pricing of 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero is yet to be announced. However, it is speculated that this car will be available in showrooms within $51,000 price bracket. The base model will approximately cost $45,000. Now, when it comes to the availability of the car in showrooms, then there is no information either. Seeing rigorous road tests and listening to the rumors, it is expected that it will be launched by the third quarter of 2018.

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