2018 Porsche Cayenne redesign

2018 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid Officially Announced

About redesign of the new generation Cayenne SUV now knows a lot. Changes that will mark 2018 Porsche Cayenne relating to outer design, a new platform, but on the drive. The new generation is expected on the market already during 2017. 2018 Cayenne will be much different from the current, and as such it will oppose the new luxury SUV models on the market.

Precisely, with some of these 2018 Porsche Cayenne will share its platform. MLB Evo is the future basis for a new generation Cayenne. On the same basis set and Bentayga Bentley, Lamborghini Urus new generation VW Touareg SUV. This platform debuted with the new generation Audi Q7, because it is designed for full-size SUV.

2018 Porsche Cayenne redesign

2018 Porsche Cayenne Redesign

The new Cayenne except, the possibility of changes that will provide a new platform, passing through design changes. The exterior design of this SUV will be inspired by the Macan model. When designing the first generation Porsche Macan, the designers were tasked to do so differently than older and bigger brother. It turned out that Macan model has precisely something that should be the new Porsche Cayenne SUV. A sleeker look, longer and flatter roof, C-shaped fender vent, and front air intakes. These are the main differences between the current Cayenne and the incoming  Cayenne SUV in 2018.

interior of 2018 Porsche Cayenne

In addition to Macan model, some elements of this redesign are taken from other models, such as the Panamera Sport, and the concept from 2012. Given that it is a full-size SUV, we can not expect changes that will make 2018 Cayenne unrecognizable. The same can not be said for the interior of the new model. Spy photos have given us an insight into all what will be a new find in the cockpit of this vehicle. Proper application of the keys and touch-pad have replaced a series of buttons. Now available and displays of 12 and 13 inches as an integral part of the infotainment system. The introduction of the new transmission is most likely the reason why there has been a changes in looks of shifters.

2018 Cayenne Specs with new powertrain

Third generation Porsche Cayenne SUV will have a reduced weight of 220 pounds.High-strength steel, aluminum and carbon fibers have done to Cayenne gets reduced weight and better performance. Naturally-aspirated V6 engine will be standard power unit, the base model of the new 2018 Porsche Cayenne. Turbocharged V6 engine is designed to 2018 Cayenne S, which is a mid-range model.

2018 Porsche Cayenne SUV

The latest information coming to us from the Porsche company, which has decided to offer the market new Cayenne SUV but equipped Turbo S E-Hybrid technology. This hybrid system debuted at this year’s Motor Show in Geneva. Presented at the 2017 Porsche Panamera Hybrid model. This drive system makes the 4.0 L V8 engine and electric motor, and together develop a power of 500 kW of power and 850 Nm of torque. 2018 Cayenne S E-Hybrid will dispose precisely the same amount of power.

For now these are available, as well as official information about the new Cayenne SUV. Data on the price, which will certainly be changed, there is still no.

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