2018 Toyota Fortuner changes

2018 Toyota Fortuner is Looking to Unveil its 2nd Generation Model Soon

Mid-size SUVs have really taken a majority portion of international SUV markets around the globe. This is the reason as to why many SUV automakers are looking to shift their focus from premium high end SUV models to these mid-range ones. This 2018 Toyota Fortuner is a brilliant example of that. This mid-size SUV model will reveal its 2nd generation features and design changes in 2018. Although this generation was 1st introduced back in 2016, no concrete automobile was showcased alongside with it. Thus customers are pretty excited for this upcoming model Toyota Fortuner 2018.

2018 Toyota Fortuner changes

Available Trims

2018 Toyota Fortuner will provide multiple trim variants, just like its 1st generation models. According to close sources, this new-gen model will have the following trim options available to the customers:  Base G, VRZ, SRZ.

Engine Options

Toyota has already announced that they will retain their power train line-up for this new 2018 Toyota Fortuner model. There have not yet been any indications for additional power train configurations. The following options are available. A base 2.4 L inline 4 cylinder diesel power train will be available that can deliver around 150 HP of max power and 253 to 300 lb-ft. of max torque, depending upon different transmission modules. A 2.8 L inline 4 cylinder diesel engine is also available, which can generate around 177 HP of max power, along with 310 to 330 lb-ft. of max torque.

A third option with 4.0 L fuel injected dual VVT-i 6 cylinder engine is also present that can generate around 278 HP of max power, with 277 lb-ft. of max torque. All models will have 2 separate choices for transmission. Customers can choose either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission module. Fuel economy figures will be improved for this 2018 line-up. Average combined EPA rating for its base model stands at 19 MPG.

rear view 2018 Toyota Fortuner

Design Features

Toyota is looking to introduce a series of minor changes to this model’s exterior chassis. Apart from its dynamic front fascia changes, 2018 Toyota Fortuner will not show much interior detailing in terms of added features and new upgrades. Some of its design changes include:
Modified horizontal grille design with new large air intakes in the centre of its bonnet.

Refreshed LED head and tail lights, with detailed upgrades to daytime running lights and fog lamps. Interior specs have been kept secret, still customers can expect a rear parking camera, and a new infotainment module. Safety features will be improved, including stability control, traction control, brake assists and emergency brakes. Higher trim models will have optional tires and technology upgrades for better comfort and convenience features.

Price and Availability of Toyota Fortuner 2018

2018 Toyota Fortuner has not yet specified any particular release date. However experts suggest that this model will come out by the end of 2017. Its base price might change from its 2016 counterpart, but higher trims can cost up to $55,000. More details will be available in the next few coming months.

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