2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser

2018 Toyota FT-4X as 2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser SUV

Some sources warn that the 2018 Toyota FT-4X could enter into production even before it is expected. In fact, after the presentation of the concept, followed the very conflicting reactions. New York Auto Show 2017 was the place where this concept made its debut. Model is a serial 75% ready. Very soon it will be presented as 2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser model. Shortly after the show in NY, Toyota protect the name TJ Cruiser. In contrast to all who were in doubt, Toyota recognized the potential of this vehicle, and here’s why.

2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser

2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser VS Toyota C-HR

2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser is expected as a successor to the FJ Cruiser model. Partly because of its design but also because of the protected name. However, the new TJ Cruiser SUV, has a much higher correlation with Toyota C-HR model. First, it should be noted that Ian Cartabiano, is the man who is partly the cause of this connection. He is, Toyota FT-4X chief designer, but also someone who has done that Toyota C-HR experienced production . Even it was only a futuristic concept.

According to Mr. Cartabiano, TNGA platform vehicle, gradually got the last part, and then the rest of the body and internal solutions. Comparing two of his projects, he says that the C-HR looks like the city mouse and the TJ Cruiser as the country mouse. What is certain, Toyota C-HR will never get dirty, unlike the 2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser, which aims to be dirty!

Toyota TJ Cruiser SUV interior

Toyota FT-4X Concept Specs

Changes of FT-4X concept will be minimal, once converted into a serial product. ¬†2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser is 4249 mm long, 1821 mm wide, 1623 mm high. The wheelbase is 2639 mm. The model has very similar dimensions to the C-HR model. It was created at Toyota’s design center in California, new 2018 TJ Cruiser has a duty to draw the attention of young buyers. Lovers of off-road driving and extreme sports.

And the interior of the vehicle indicates the trips that involve a long drive. Camping in the vehicle. For this reason, the new Toyota Cruiser and provides great comfort, and functionality. Part of the basic offer of this vehicle seems to leave little things, armrest with USB port, and a sleeping bag. One of the rearview mirror has an integrated GoPro camera. The rear seats are foldable in the vehicle, and then, along comes sleeping bag. The rear doors of the TJ Cruiser SUV model are twofold.

Toyota FT-4X concept rear view

The concept was equipped with a 2.0 L petrol engine with 144 hp. And paired with a CVT transmission. The drive is normally on all four wheels.

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