2019 Audi Q3

2019 Audi Q3 Second Generation Changes

The second generation Audi Q3 crossover arriving 2018. Although this information already known, now it is officially confirmed. 2019 Audi Q3 comes with plenty of changes, compared to the current model. Changes related to all aspects of the vehicle. In addition, the city where it will produce a new model differs from the site of production of the first generation model. But let’s from the beginning.

2019 Audi Q3


First, the new Q3 will be larger in size compared to its predecessor. Q3 2019 is 4,450 millimeters long, while the current model is 4,390 millimeters long. Also, the wheelbase of the new generation model has increased to 2,650 millimeters. Increasing the size of the vehicle caused the spacious interior, with increased luggage space. Trunk volume, the new model is about 400 liters.

2019 Audi Q3 is set to MQB platform. This contributes to reducing the weight of vehicles, due to the use of modern, lightweight materials for production platforms. The new platform and the availability of production capacities Martorell, demand relocation of production of the new model in Hungary. The current Q3 is produced in Seat Martorell plant in Spain. In this factory is switching production of the new Audi A1 model in Brussels. Therefore, if the 2019 Audi Q3 produce the Audi plant in Gyor , Hungary.

In addition to reaching a new generation of crossover Q3, Audi is introducing two new members to its “Q” family. These are the Audi Q4 and Q8 Audi models. The first will be produced at the same place as the new Q3, while the Q8 produced in Bratislava, Slovakia. Production of Audi Q8 begins 2018 years. First cars Audi Q4 models roll off the assembly line during the 2019 year.

2019 Audi Q3 RS

2019 Audi Q3 Specs and Features

The new model will offer several different engines. Among others, the range will find a 2.0-liter petrol unit with 252 horsepower, and the 2.0-liter diesel engine with 204 horsepower. Of course, there is also a 5-cylinder turbo engine with 340 horsepower, which will be found under the hood SQ3 versions. The same unit, but with 400 horsepower, will run version of the Sportka, the RS Q3 label.

In addition to all these versions, the new generation should bring two more new versions. The first of them is the Audi Q3 e-tron. This model was the plug-in hybrid propulsion system, which combines a turbo engine (most likely a 1.4-liter), and an electric motor. The total power output of the system should be between 220 and 250 horsepower. Another novelty is a fully electric version of the new model. According to some sources, this version will receive technology from the electric VW e-Golf models.

In addition to the high level of equipment, all versions get an optional digital instrument cluster and head-up display. However, Q3 RS version will have an attractive exterior than the standard 2019 Audi Q3. Him will adorn the wheels of larger dimensions, sport tuned suspension, stronger brakes, sports exhaust system and interior trim. The whole experience is rounded and LED lights, numerous safety and driver assistance systems.

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