New BMW X2 for 2019 MY

2019 BMW X2 Coming Already at the Beginning of 2018

Now officially, the 2019 BMW X2, arrive at sales outlets early in 2018. More information is available on the new crossover model, this German carmaker. Spy photos, the production car available on the Internet. Also, the official promotion of this new BMW crossover is expected soon.

BMW introduced this model in Paris in 2017. Then the model was presented in the form of a study. The vehicle was developed under factory markings F39. Now the complete specification of the vehicle is already known. Also, spy photographs with a minimum amount of camouflage are available. Everything is clear. The official presentation is followed, and then the beginning of the sale.

2019 BMW X2 spy shot

Architecture and Design

2019 BMW X2 will occupy a place among the smaller X1 and larger X3 models, offered by this Bavarian brand. The vehicle is made on the UKL platform. On the same platform, the BMW X1 crossover is based. Like the X1, the new X2 will also be produced at the Regensburg plant in Germany.

The new model has something bigger than the X1 model. The outward appearance of the vehicle irresistibly resembles a ‘Paris concept’. The vehicle features an attractive exterior and great performance. Another similarity with the X1 model is reflected in the interior. More specifically, X1 and X2 will have a very similar interior design.

Styling and the eye-catching lines of the car are most likely to come out. The vehicle has a coupe-form roofline, as well as a sharp front. In addition, there is a roof spoiler and a visa shoulder line. What’s lost in the transition from concept to production model are the sharp-corner headlamps and 21-inch wheels.

Regardless of the fact that its coupe form indicates a city-orientated vehicle, the X2 gives the impression of a powerful terrain. Especially the front fascia has the impression that it is an aggressive, muscular and capable model.

New BMW X2 for 2019 MY

2019 BMW X2 Specs

A range of different petrol and diesel engines is available. However, this was also expected from the BMW company.

The diesel offer includes the X2 sDrive 16d with 116 HP, X2 sDrive 18d with 150 HP, X2 xDrive 18d with 150 HP, X2 sDrive 20d with 192 HP, X2 xDrive 20d with 192 HP, X2 xDrive 25d with 231 HP.

The models with gasoline engines also offer versions with the sDrive and xDrive drive system. There are X2 sDrive 18i with 140 HP, as well as the xDrive version with the same output power. Then, X2 sDrive 20i and X2 xDrive 20i with 192 HP, as well as X2 xDrive 25i with 231 HP. In the end there is the 2019 BMW X2 M35i xDrive version of the model, with 300 horsepower.

As can be seen from the enclosed, there are versions with front-wheel drive versions as well as versions with four-wheel drive. In terms of transmission, the offer includes a 6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic transmission.


There is no official price information for the 2019 BMW X2. However, Auto Build has estimated that this model will start at a price of € 33,000. This is a projected price for the German market, for the base model.

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