2019 Dodge Journey New Generation Redesign

2019 Dodge Journey New Generation Redesign

Current Dodge Journey model has on the market since 2008. The complete redesign of the model is expected for a long time. However, the company believes that on this move could still be waiting. During 2016, Journey SUV had been sold in 105,400 copies. This number does not indicate the need for anything to change this model. In the meantime have emerged and official information about the new generation. 2019 Dodge Journey will be produced in Italy. The factory in Mexico in Toluca will continue for nearly two years to produce the model as it is now.

When it appears as a 2019 model, the current Dodge Journey model will be almost a decade old. FCA has spread its business and plans to has too many new and modified models. The current Journey SUV bring profit. The new model should be changed from the root, because they will most likely become a more European model. All the time, Journey is sold along with a sibling model that bears the mark Fiat. It is the Fiat Freemont. Now the company has decided that the 2019 Dodge Journey SUV products plant in Italy. Fiat Freemont has different suspension tuning and slight cosmetic changes, compared to the Journey model.

2019 Dodge Journey

2019 Dodge Journey Design

According to the company’s 2019 Journey SUV will be changed completely. We can expect the vehicle to the new platform. Most likely it will be Alfa’s RWD/AWD Platform. This is the first major change in relation to the announced redesign. After the first announcement, the Journey was supposed to take CUSW platform. It’s used Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 and Jeep Cherokee models. Future Journey 2019 will share a platform with the Alfa Romeo Giulia. This means that the base of this SUV to do the most modified platform on the market. It offers the possibility of front-wheel drive, rear-wheel-drive, and possibly all-wheel-drive for the mid-size crossover sport utility vehicles.

Specs and Release Date

Data on operating units no. Based on the platform that will serve as the basis for a new generation, it speaks about engines. The Alfa Romeo’s four-cylinder engines and 8 speed automatic gearbox, it could be one of the propulsion unit of the new Dodge Journey SUV. Some sources have listed the engine that will use the FCA or model in the Jeep lineup. This is a 2.0-liter turbo four with 300 hp, which will launch the fourth generation Jeep Wrangler model. And this engine will be combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission.

For now these are the only relevant information about the new generation Dodge Journey model, which will be officially on the market for the 2019 MY.

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