2019 Jeep Cherokee Comes with an Altered Design

2019 Jeep Cherokee Comes with an Altered Design

The arrival announcement of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee attracted a great deal of attention. Expectations are high. And what’s going to happen? The new model should make significant changes. At least that’s what was expected. In any case, the changes are present. On the other hand, the photos of the masked specimen of the new model reveal that the new Cherokee will look quite conventional.

We are witnesses that Jeep does not wait much to refresh his models. Accordingly, some non-popular models of this brand are eliminated from the offer. Such a fate hit Liberty and Patriot models. However, Cherokee is one of the models that has been returned to the offer after a long pause. Many supporters, or fans of this model, were not happy with the styling of the new Cherokee model. Will the 2019 model change their mind?

2019 Jeep Cherokee Changes

2019 Jeep Cherokee brings changes to the looks of the front of the vehicle. It will now look like other company models that have recently gone through redesign. The front, the new 2019 model, now looks more like what was seen in the redesigned Grand Cherokee and Compass models.

The front bumper has been changed, the headlights have received a new design, while the front grille has been completely changed. Additionally, the fog lights are set in the bumper. Now, Cherokee has a significantly revised style. The recognizable front of the vehicle has lost its originality. However, now Cherokee looks more like other models from the Jeep lineup. In addition to the changed front design, the 2019 Cherokee looks exactly like the current model.

2019 Jeep Cherokee

On the back of the vehicle, minimal changes are noticeable. There are new tail lights with sections broken up by black lines. Also, the license plate space has been removed. Now this space is located from the bumper to the hatch lid.

A slightly revised interior of the new model was also announced. However, the 2019 Jeep Cherokee has an almost identical interior as well as the current version. However, it will incorporate the newest iteration of Chrysler’s Uconnect Infotainment.

Release Date

According to current information, the promotion of the new model is expected by the end of 2017. As for the beginning of the sale, everything comes down to the nagging. Expect to see the refreshed, smoother Cherokee at Jeep dealers by July or August of 2018 year. However, postponing the start of sales would not surprise you. Either way, Jeep tried to offer something new to his customers.

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