2019 Jeep Wagoneer

2019 Jeep Wagoneer Allows Jeep to Pick Into the Past

Long before the ‘SUV’ came into vogue, Jeep had rolled out its heavy duty 4X4 drive enabled Wagoneer in 1963. This station-wagon standard Wagoneer was replaced by the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 1991. All these years, Jeep has been producing vehicles worthy of a dirty-on-the-road tag. In order to tackle the ever rising advent of luxury SUVs, Jeep is set to unveil 2019 Jeep Wagoneer. It will be a comeback of sort for the sturdy Wagoneer.

2019 Jeep Wagoneer design changes


Jeep will be resurrecting Wagoneer with a design overhaul. 2019 Jeep Wagoneer will be very similar to the currently available Jeep Grand Cherokee and shares the same body-on-frame platform like the Cherokee and RAM 1500 pickup.

This 2019 Jeep Wagoneer 2019 will be Jeep’s entry into upper luxury SUV section while a higher trim of super-luxury level will also be produced as Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The boxy exterior as in previous Wagoneer will be discarded and remodeled with more contemporary edgy designs to match the luxury SUV rivals. The Grand Wagoneer headlights will have a unique 7 element headlight design giving a dotted-structure to the bi-xenon headlights.

The front grille will have chrome accent and a 7-slat structure. The rear looks will also get classier with the dual exhaust pipes. Also expect to see an electrically controlled sun-roof.

2019 Jeep Wagoneer

Interior details

Jeep Wagoneer 2019 interiors have also been redesigned for better comfort for 7 passengers. Premium materials with wooden touch have been used for the digital dashboard.

Luxurious touches to both the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are extensively used. Seats will be heated and ventilated. It is rumored that rear passengers will have the facility of multimedia viewing on screens mounted on the back of front seats.

A touchscreen will handle the driving and infotainment controls. UConnect services will be accompanied by 25-speaker Harman Kardon 1000 Watt sound system.

Other features include airbags, adaptive cruise control, 360 degree camera support, Selec-Trac system for automatic traction and stability control.

Under the hood of 2019 Jeep Wagoneer

The beauty of Jeep vehicles is the powerful engines they put. It is rumored that a heavy duty 5.7 litre Hemi V8 hybrid-electric engine will be used for the new Wagoneer that could deliver a power of 300 HP.

A smaller 3.2 liter 270 HP V6 engine might also be into production for the Wagoneer. Both engines will be supported by an 8-speed transmission. Expect a forward wheel drive mechanism along with an all-wheel drive option.

The engine will be turbocharged along with a rapid fuel injection system which means the emissions are much lower than before.

News of launch and pricing

Recent press conferences by Fiat-Chrysler Authorities which handles production of the 2019 Jeep Wagoneer is scheduled to begin in 2017 at its facilities in Warren, Michigan. Its actual launch might get delayed and auto-enthusiasts are hoping for a late 2018 release. This Wagoneer is estimated to be priced at $65,000 while the Grand Wagoneer at $85,650. With such premium pricing coupled with extravagant designs to the new Wagoneer, Jeep has serious plans to compete against Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz GL.

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