2020 BMW X8

2020 BMW X8 The Biggest BMW Ever to be Produced

A BMW X7 is as obvious as it gets. With the Bavarian manufacturers beefing up their series with an upgraded X6 to be badged the X7. The question is where does a 2020 BMW X8 come in if it does at all? For every car freak like you, any bigger and badder car automatically peaks our curiosity. But first things first.

Is there any truth behind a 2020 BMW X8?

To give a spoiler alert to what’s about to follow, a simple answer would be –Yes. But it’s not as simple as that. You need to understand why a model like this, an X8 even when an X7 is yet to hit the roads, is on the cards. The reason behind a 2020 BMW X8 lies completely on the current automobile market. Europe, USA, China are among the largest automobile markets for BMW. But this is also the case for their Deutsche counterparts Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche. And this is where the story behind this far-fetched car begins.

Firstly, just take a look at Porsche’s line-up and motto and let’s limit ourselves to SUVs for now. Although considering the Panamera as an SUV would not be correct, but you can take the Cayenne as a proper SUV, a Germanized version though.
Going to Audi, they are all ready to roll out their spanking new Q8 later next year. And as far as the concepts go, it’s going to be quite a looker. They’ve already updated their Q7 with a 2017 model and a 2019 model is already in R&D.

2020 BMW X8

The Mercedes-Benz GLE series can be arguably considered the best looker of the lot, not trying to be biased. And they too have a refurbished 2019 re-release in all probability. So, coming back to that question, whether a 2020 BMX X8 is just a rumor or a precursor to something completely out of this world. Well, here’s an answer.

A Big Bad Alien on 4 wheels

BMW has shown the world that they can jump a few notches to bring next-gen tech right onto the roads (BMW i8 was nothing short of being out-of-the-world). The upcoming X7 is likely to take the GLEs, mid-trim Cayennes and the Audi Q8. Yes, this X7 is perfectly suited, shaped and engineered to take a Q8 head-on.

The BMW X8 2020 is meant to take on the likes of the Cayenne GTS or the GLE models not to mention top Audi trims. And big does not mean having a 3rd row of seats like a Mercedes GLS. BMW will stick to the 5-seating profile.

Performance-wise, there are chances of the 4.4 L Dual Turbo V8 from an X6 50i will find its way into this model as the base engine choice. But this model will come with their blisteringly exciting M badger. A larger engine might be engineered just for a 2020 BMW X8 M with the mindset to be the fastest SUV around.


‘The best SUV around’ – and you should not consider adding the likes of Bentley Bentayga to this list. 2020 BMW X8 is meant to be the best that money can buy without going over the top. As far as anything else is concerned, stay tuned for more reviews.
But to end it all, and you should mind these words, 2020 BMW X8 is going to be unreal but it’s as real as it gets.

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