2020 Mercedes GLG

2020 Mercedes GLG New SUV with Off-road Capabilities

Whether the SUV models it’s never quite enough in the offer, ¬†every couple of months shows evidence of some car maker. Currently, Mercedes-Benz enters the process of this evidence by who knows what route. The 2020 Mercedes GLG SUV is the new model, which has neither a code mark nor a certificate, nor nothing. All information on this car is on very “hazy legs”. Nevertheless, the company was released to the public with enough information to cast a greedy audience.

2020 Mercedes GLG should be the rival Range Rover Sport. The difference between these two models is precisely in off-road capabilities. The new Mercedes SUV, in addition to a better package of off-roading equipment, should also be equipped with adjustable air suspension.

2020 Mercedes GLG

2020 Mercedes GLG Design

This new Mercedes SUV will be based on the GLE model. In addition to GLA, GLB, GLE, and GLC, the 2020 GLG SUV will be a new model in the offer. According to the company GLG SUV will be an angular offshoot of the next GLE. The interior design of the interior is gamble. According to the editor of the Auto Build magazine, the 2020 Mercedes GLG will have much in common with the forthcoming GLB SUV. GLB is based on the Vision Ener-G-Force concept from 2012.

While on a platform of smaller SUVs, 2020 GLG will have a larger wheelbase and a special suspension. For this reason, we expect a model with three rows of seats and a space for seven passengers.

Unfortunately, data on some design, new technology features, and similarly no. Possible drive units will be retrieved from other SUV models from the Mercedes offer. These are engines with 4, 6 and 8 cylinders. Some sources even mention a hybrid drive model. 2020 Mercedes GLG The plug-in hybrid version will be with a 90 kW E-module. Purely electrically driven  Mercedes SUV, has been announced for the year 2022 and its code tags are for now the EQ-S.

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