2020 Road Rover EV

2020 Road Rover New Model Line by Land Rover

2020 Road Rover is the name of a new luxury vehicle from the Jaguar Land Rover Company. According to some British media (Autocar), this model is coming to the end of this decade. More specifically, the promotion will be held in 2019 LA Auto Show. Immediately after that, the sale begins.

Otherwise, Road Rover is the title of the Land Rover’s experimental model. More precisely, this name was first proposed as early as the fifties of the last century. Something similar is seen with the latest SUV model of the company. Namely, Range Rover Velar is the name of an experimental model from the past. In all likelihood, JLR company realizes its plans from the past. At least as far as the names of their vehicles are concerned.

2020 Road Rover EV

Design and Specs

At present, there is very little data related to vehicle design. More specifically, it’s still all a matter of speculation. For now, it is not known whether the JLR will implement the independent design language for the 2020 Road Rover. Or, the vehicle will be designed by the name of the Range Rover Velar.

It is known that the first Road Rover model develops in parallel with the next generation of the Jaguar XJ. It’s also known that both models will get a brand new aluminum platform. In addition, both models will be fully electric, with two electric motors and four-wheel drive.

In any case, the Road Rover will be a luxury car. It will have an adjusting support, as well as autonomy of about 300 miles, or 483 km. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) will be less than 5 seconds.

The first production model is conceived as a premium electric vehicle. It is mentioned that it could be a rival to Mercedes S class. Of course, when it comes to luxury and interior quality. Unlike the Mercedes protege, Road Rover will dispose of all-terrain capabilities. Also, the vehicle will also have impressive road dynamic performance, thanks to electric motors.

2020 Road Rover Release and Price

It was announced that the first production model will be a fully electric vehicle. First of all, this model is designed for buyers in California and the US. It is therefore not surprising that the 2019 LA Auto Show is mentioned as an event in which will take place premiere of this model.

It is also mentioned that 2020 Road Rover will expand its offer. More precisely, it is expected that the line of the model will be expanded, with different versions. This new luxury model will be sold at a price of about £ 90,000.

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