Ferrari SUV 2021 - Ferrari 699 GTB

Ferrari SUV Arrives 2021 Confirmed

The first FCA man, Sergio Marchionne, did not seem to have heard of “Never, say never!”, Because if so, now not all reporters will fill up their columns with his statement. In 2016, Ferrari invested in the utility vehicle segment, only over his dead body. It turns out that every brand is more than needed at least one SUV model in the offer. That’s why Mr. Marchionne has hit everything he said. The Ferrari SUV is expected to be marketed by 2021, and a year later it is expected to double the profits of this company.

Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini were crowned by the demand and huge profits of the SUV. The Ferrari SUV was not a surprise at all. But it was preceded by an inappropriate statement. Now alongside Cullinan, DBX and Urus, Ferrari will have a predecessor of this segment. For now, only the code mark of the future model is known, which is F16X.

Ferrari SUV 2021 - Ferrari 699 GTB

Ferrari SUV Specs

Ferrari’s introduction of the successor to the GTC4 Lusso model announced for 2020. The Ferrari SUV 2021 will share the platform with this model. Only then will be present a vision of what we can expect from this sports utility vehicle. Although Mr. Marchionne barely passed a provocative statement through his mouth, some sources came up with very interesting information on the subject of the new SUV.

In one of the reports it is said that the 2021 Ferrari SUV will be equipped with an integrated drive, with a V8 engine powered by a hybrid drive. Others already have an approximate price for the model. And that’s not small, because $ 300,000 is not a negligible figure, but how much Ferrari!

possible look of rear side Ferrari SUV

All this information at the end of ┬áloss in significance, fading and somehow flaunting with just one statement. The annual production of around 2,000 copies of the new SUV from Ferrari will, according to the company, only “swallow” the Chinese market. One of the biggest plagiarists, with whom the USA is leading a war whose end is not visible. China is a very rich country, but the question is when will their cheap labor force decide that instead of 300,000 dollars for Ferrari SUV, offers a solid copy at half the price!

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