Land Rover Defender 2019

Land Rover Defender 2019 Might Come in 2019

More than five years ago, Land Rover introduced the DC100 Concept. This concept was meant to signal the arrival of the successor to the Land Rover Defender SUV. So far, nothing has happened much, and the new model is still waiting at the start of production. According to some information, the successor to this most attractive and one of the most popular SUV models ever, could appear in 2019. The same sources state that the new Land Rover Defender 2019 will be a global model. However, the arrival of the new model is expected first on the US market, and then on other markets. If the arrival of a completely new generation of the model is “delayed,” it could be “signed” with the 2020 Land Rover Defender.

Otherwise, the production of the current model officially ended in January 2016. Then the last Defender came down from the production line. Since then, this model is expected to get its successor. Currently, the new Land Rover Defender is one of the most anticipated models in the history of British auto industry. This is by no means incidental. This legendary SUV has been produced over 67 years continuously. During all this time he was extremely popular and gained a large number of fans. And not only in the UK, but in the whole world. Among other things, Defender also played a significant role in the military industry. More specifically, Defender has been used by many of the world’s military forces, including the US.

Land Rover Defender 2019

Specs and Design

The new generation of this legendary Land Rover SUV will be placed on a uni-body chassis. The Land Rover Defender 2019 will be available in several body versions, or in several different configurations. Among other things, there are versions with two and four doors, as well as versions with a soft and hard top. It would not be a surprise if the new model ‘brought’ and its pickup version. And on this possibility, various speculations and rumors can be found on the Internet.

A variation of aluminum components and high strength steel will be used for vehicle construction. In all likelihood, the production of the new model will be entrusted to the company’s factory in Slovakia.

Land Rover Defender Concept

The design of the Land Rover Defender 2019 will ‘borrow’ the DC100 Concept model. Of course, the production model will not be identical to that concept. Otherwise, this concept has shown something new. It’s a 100-inch wheelbase. Hence the name DC100, or Discovery Concept 100 ” wheelbase. The previous model was produced in 93”, 110” and 130” wheelbases versions. Following the announcement of the company’s top people, the new model will be completely original and easily recognizable. By meddling between lines, the design of the vehicle will be characteristic of the Defender model.

For now there are no more specific details about what is expected under the hood of the new model. However, the Land Rover Defender 2019 will certainly offer a large selection of 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. Among other things, a new generation of Ingenium engines should be expected.

Land Rover Defender 2019 Release

The production of the new generation model is getting closer. According to numerous information and announcements, the official presentation will take place in 2018. It is not specified whether another concept, ie the pre-production model, or the serial model will be presented first. Either way, the brand new Land Rover Defender 2019 could reach the market as early as 2019.

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